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  • Genre — Horror
  • writer — Dean Georgaris
  • China
  • Liked It — 134430 Vote
  • Actors — Cliff Curtis

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All the trailers that I saw of this movie told me one thing: this was going to be a fantastic comedy. But no, it actually took itself completely serious. And there is nothing in it that is even remotely interesting or original: people find giant shark, shark eats people, people kill shark. I mean, we are the top predators on this world and we’re sure to kill anything that even remotely threatens us. America hell, yeah! And China, too!
The pox is more fun than this film.
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It could have been better, but its not a bad movie about sharks.
some stupid =funny things happen
some impossible things happen
if you like shark movies just watch it i give it an average 5.

Bad final! One of the sharks had to live, should be taken to the living space.
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The most amazing to me is who spent 130mln on something like this and why? Prehistoric shark that comes from the deep (basic Paleontology and Biology not needed) destroying submarines and attacking people for no reason? Entertainment for dumbest at its worst in every possible way, disposable cinematic garbage.
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